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We keep on expanding OMS vibro hammer distributor network.

OMS distributors spread our products all around the world: North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. We genuinely welcome everyone who is interested in vibro hammers as well as ground improvement equipment to become a part of our global agent sales force!


Why OMS is the Best Choice For You?

Ever since OMS was founded back in 1987, we kept growing with success and have already reached the level of leading names of the sector. The reason behind OMS keeps hitting the mark is the fact that we ensure absolute customer satisfaction and with our swift adaptation to fast-moving technology. Today, along with OMS’s continuing success, we also aim to become the leader of the sector globally. To do so, as OMS, we are adopting the following principles: quality in production, reasonable pricing and 7/24 technical support. Embracing such manners as well as producing high-tech products with advantageous prices is what makes us different and carries to an uncompetitive level.

As OMS, we are always adopting an innovative approach when it comes to our products. Thus, our production line is always equipped with the latest technology. As a result, each product that carries the name of OMS is designed, developed and produced to reflect a certain sense of quality at every single stage of the types of machinery and types of equipment from their very beginning to the very end where they become completed products, including their quality control tests afterwards. Furthermore, an expert OMS team who produces solutions and recommends related equipment project specifically lies behind the great success of OMS as well as guaranteeing the happiness and satisfaction of our customers.

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