Smart Control System!..

User friendly thanks to electronic remote control and touch screen control panel, minimizes operator errors.

Advantages of OMS Hydraulic Power Packs

  • User Friendly,
  • Smart Control System,
  • Touch Screen Control Panel,
  • Predicts Possible Failures,
  • High Performance,
  • Enable to Self-reprogramming,
  • Powerful, Reliable and Long life.

Thanks to electronic remote control and a touchscreen control panel, minimizes the chance of operator errors. Power packs predict possible failures and have advanced fault detection technology to enable self-reprogramming. Intelligent control system prevents use until the system reaches the optimum working conditions. These features ensure a long life for all components. OMS power units are available with closed or open loop hydraulic systems. Auxiliary systems are fed by one variable flow pump. The make of engine is optional.
Our power units have been custom designed to be easy to maintain and have easy access to all components.

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Control Panel

OMS Power Pack - Control Panel

OMS power units can be controlled via the main control panel and instant information in relation to the hydraulic system, engine and retrospective failure logging can be obtained.

  • Control Buttons
  • Function Buttons
  • Gauges
  • Function Menus
  • Total Working Time

Remote Control

OMS Power Pack - Remote Control

The vibrator can be fully controlled by the remote control.

  • Engine speed adjustment
  • Amplitude / moment adjustment
  • Clamp pressure safety lamp
  • Vibrator start / stop switch
  • Clamp open / close switch
  • Clamp open safety switch
  • Emergency stop button

Radio Remote Control

It allows control without requiring any physical bond.

OMS Power Pack - Radio Remote Control
OMS Power Pack - Radio Remote Control