Excavator Mounted Vibro Hammer

OVR 80 S

OVR 80 S Isometric View Wireframe Technical Drawing

OVR 80 S Isometric View Technical Drawing

OVR 80 S Front View Technical Drawing

OVR 80 S Back Side View Technical Drawing

OVR 80 S Side View Technical Drawing


Eccentric Moment (kgm)9
Centrifugal Force (kN) Max.615
Power (kW) Max.147
Weight and Dimensions
Total Weight W/O Clamp (kg)1740
Length / L1 (mm)1466
Height / H (mm)1547
Width / W1 (mm) 940

Recommended Clamps & Excavator

Clamp Type for Sheet Piles

Clamp Type for Casing

Recommended Excavator Working Weight


  • Fast, reliable and easy excavator connection,
  • Ergonomic design providing practical use,
  • Full safe movement around link yoke,
  • High performance and driving extracting power,
  • Minimum vibration transmission to the environment,
  • Pipe pile driving capability with sliding caisson type clamp system,
  • Powerful, reliable and long life.


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