How Does Vibro Hammer Work?

How Does Vibro Hammer Work?

OMS Vibro Hammer Machines also known as vibrodrivers and vibratory hammers work on the idea of reducing the resistance of the ground with vibration and by changing the formation of the ground. The vibratory piling machine transfers vertical vibrations to the pile via the hydraulic clamp. This, in turn, transfers vibration to the ground which reduces the friction between the pile and the ground allowing the pile to be driven or extracted with less force. The pile is driven into the ground by a combination of the vibrators weight and the centrifugal force it produces.

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Principles of a Vibratory Hammer

Features and Advantages of Vibratory Pile Drivers

Vibratory pile drivers are used to build harbors, bridges, airports, buildings, roads, rails, infrastructure, solar power, wind turbines, walls and many other foundation types. Vibratory pile drivers are modern and popular machinery for pipe, sheet and wooden piles. The most prominent feature of vibratory pile drivers is the sound power level. Impact hammers are very noisy owing to the fact that they make use of overweight to impact. However, vibratory hammer drivers are lighter and much faster as they do not apply extra force to the ground. Therefore thet are more preferable in urban areas and downtowns.

Principles of a Vibratory Hammer Animation Video


Crane Suspended Vibratory Hammers

Excavator Mounted Vibratory Hammers

Side Grip Vibratory Hammers

What are the Main Features of Vibratory Pile Drivers?

  • Vibratory pile drivers can save time and cost because they can pile the piles much faster.
  • They can be used for driving and extracting the piles from the ground.
  • They can be used underwater.
  • Vibratory hammers are lighter and user-friendly,
  • They can be used depending on both the crane and the excavator.
  • In projects which require high driving/dismounting capacity, crane suspended hammers which supply the needed energy through the power pack, are used.
  • This is an environmentally-friendly technology (especially to protect the fauna).
  • They supply their energy through the hydraulic or electrical energy line, but hydraulic lines are more preferred because they are lighter and stronger.
  • They are smaller, easy to transport and maintain.
  • The vibratory pile drivers are also very cost effective than a commonly-used hammer drivers.

What is the Most Important Safety Precautions for Vibro Hammer Users?

Safety measures are very important for personnel who use Vibro Hammer and provide service. It is everyone’s responsibility to follow the safety rules. 

The following general safety measures are recommended as guidelines: 

  • Never adjust, lubricate or repair the unit when it is in operation, or lifted above ground level. 
  • All personnel should wear safety clothing, including Helmet, Safety Shoes, Safety Glasses, Glove and Hearing Protection. 
  • Do not stand any closer to this equipment than necessary when it is in operation. Never stand under operating, or elevated, equipment. 
  • Remove all tools, parts and electrical cords before starting the unit. 
  • Never operate this equipment with damaged hoses. Replace damaged hoses. 
  • Stop to operation when hydraulic leakage is observed. 
  • Never pull on a vibrator before starting the unit in vibration. Always start both driving and extraction of piles in an unloaded condition. 
  • Do not run vibrator unless clamp jaws are closed. 
  • Do not attempt to tighten, or loosen, fittings or hoses when the machine is in operation. 
  • When maintaining or repairing the equipment, never substitute parts not supplied, or defined/approved in writing, Vibro Hammer Supplier Company. 

How to Maintain the vibratory Hammer?

Since vibratory hammers generally work under difficult conditions, regular maintenance is required to take protective measures and prolong the service life. 

The most important of these maintenance are; 

  • All bolts, nuts and screws should be checked before starting the engine.
  • Each lubrication point should be lubricated according to the lubrication requirements.
  • All hoses should be checked for cuts, damage or twists.
  • Wire rope hangers must be checked before starting work.
  • The coolant level in the engine radiator should be checked and if necessary, coolant should be added.
  • Hydraulic oil should be at the normal level and it should be ensured that the oil temperature is controlled and not rising to high temperatures especially in long-term operations.
  • The system should be checked for hydraulic oil, fuel and coolant leaks.
  • It should be checked whether all switches and buttons are working in the control system.
  • Care should be taken to replace engine filters (diesel, air and oil) at specified times for the power unit to function properly.
  • Oil, mud and rust in the vibratory hammer and power unit should be cleaned after the work is finished.
Eccentric Moment M (kgm):

The eccentric moment is calculated by the eccentric weight (m) and the distance from the centre of gravity to the rotation axis (r).


Centrifugal Force F (kN):

Centrifugal Force Formula

n: Rotational Speed of Hydraulic Motor (rpm)

Amplitude A (mm):

Amplitude is the total vertical displacement of the vibrator during a full rotation of the eccentric weights. Amplitude at maximum rotational speed is obtained with the following formula:

Amplitude Formula

Amplitude Formula

M = Eccentric Moment (kgm)

md = Dynamic Weight

Dynamic Weight:

Dynamic weight is the total weight of vibrator, hydraulic clamp and pile to be driven.

What is a Vibratory Hammer?

What is vibro-hammer? Vibro hammer is a machine used to drive piles in/out of the ground for constructing structures like bridges, harbors, roads, airports, canal works and so on. Vibro hammers are quiet and have many advantages compared to traditional pile drivers which use a large weight to strike the pile. The greatest advantage is that vibratory hammers can drive and extract piles much faster. Beside this, they are small, very quiet and light weight, environmental friendly. So they can drive piles much more quickly, extract old piles out of the ground, can be used underwater, are lightweight, protect the environment (especially animal life), can be used in close proximity to residential areas without noise complaints, and are small and easy to ship. Moreover, in some vibratory hammers vibration can be fully controlled, which is a necessity if the work has to be carried out in residential or historical places.

You can read about vibratory hammers“what is the vibratory hammer?”, types of the piledriver , working principles and pile driver history for more details.

How Does a Vibratory Hammer Work?

Connect the pressure and return line hoses to the flowmeter which are coming from excavator. Be sure that correct connection of hoses to flowmeter’s right ports. Adjust pressure of flowmeter with restrictor to required pressure for your vibro and with adjusted pressure regulate the required flow with excavator main pumps adjusting valve.

Working Principle of Excavator Mounted Vibratory Drivers

Connect the pressure and return line hoses to the flowmeter which are coming from excavator. Be sure that correct connection of hoses to flowmeter’s right ports. Adjust pressure of flowmeter with restrictor to required pressure for your vibro and with adjusted pressure regulate the required flow with excavator main pumps adjusting valve.

Working Principle of Variable Moment Vibratory Drivers

The “Phase Shifter Motor” patented by OMS, displaces the eccentric masses and allows adjustment of the vibration level. By adjusting the eccentric masses by 90°, the maximum vibration level is achieved total 180°.

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