Long life, powerful and high performance vibratory pile drivers. OMS vibratory hammers are produced with the state-of-the-art technology. We constantly develop in parallel with information and technology. Each part of OMS product models accommodates separate technologies!

As OMS, we are always adopting an innovative approach when it comes to our products. Thus, our production line is always equipped with the latest technology. As a result, each product that carries the name of OMS is designed, developed and produced to reflect a certain sense of quality at every single stage of the machineries and equipment from their very beginning to the very end where they become completed products, including their quality control tests afterwards. Furthermore, an expert OMS team who produces solutions and recommends related equipment project specifically lies behind the great success of OMS as well as guaranteeing the happiness and satisfaction of our customers.

Vibratory Hammer Technology

Vibration Technology and High Quality Components

Our products are based on vibration technology. In most cases, tube or pile driving/extracting projects, ground fortification and stabilization works are unimaginable without vibration. OMS Pile driving/extracting machinery enable you to save time and cost by operating with high power and capacity thanks to the high quality components. OMS uses only quality approved components in manufacturing of equipment. All projects are conducted in a safe manner without any flaw, thanks to the easily acceptable, wide stocked spare parts.

We are a world brand, thanks to the cutting edge technology we constantly follow and the emphasis we place on R&D.

Custom Production for Your Project!

Until today, we contributed to the construction of various projects in different geographies and climates. With each machine we produce, we prioritize new ideas and recent opportunities provided by the technology.  Special design and production may be performed according to needs and requests. Definitely there is an OMS Vibratory Pile Driver suitable for your project.

Excellent Technical Details!

We consider all technical details from design drafts to production, from control measurements to mobilization throughout the manufacturing process. Either it is welding, machining or assembling, we pay attention to every single detail.

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OMS Pile Driver Equipment Types

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