OMS Vibro Hammer - Rental and Used Pile Driving Equipment


OMS vibro hammer is a world brand in the production of vibratory pile driving equipment, with its products performing in all conditions around the globe. Ever since OMS vibro hammer was founded back in 1987, we kept growing with success and have already reached the level of leading names of the sector. The reason behind OMS keeps hitting the mark is the fact that we ensure an absolute customer satisfaction and with our swift adaptation to fast moving technology.

Crane Suspended Vibro Hammer

SVR type of vibratory piling machines are recommended in projects requiring a high driving or extracting force. SVR type vibro hammers are powered by OMS Power Packs.

Excavator Mounted Vibro Hammer

They are hydraulically driven by the excavators and easily operated by excavator operator. OVR series excavator mounted vibro hammers requires not any modification on the excavators.

Variable Moment Vibro Hammer

The variable moment of SVR Variable Moment Vibratory Hammers adjusting the position of the eccentric masses according to start and stop of the vibration case (gear box) to not generate resonance.

Side Grip Vibro Hammer - SG

Side Grip Vibratory Hammer, can handle, pitch and drive the sheet and tube piles. It is capable to accomplish the whole pile driving process without need of manual handling of the piles or assisting machinery.

OMS Vibroflotation Equipment

Vibroflotation equipment enables improving and quickening load bearing and settlement capacities and reducing risks of liquefaction of soft and loose soil.

Wick Drain Installation - OMS

Band Drain (Wick Drain) machine enables settlement in the soil by draining water in soft, sandy and water saturated soils and minimizes the risk of liquefaction.

Experiences in Pile Driving Equipment Sector:

We have desired technical expertise in the manufacturing of Pile Driving Equipment for 33 years. OMS Machinery contributes to the technological advance of vibratory pile driving machines. Since we combine research and development, we compete in the world market.

Product Range:

Established in 1987, OMS has mastered the design and manufacture of vibratory pile driving/extracting machines, hydraulic power packs, hydraulic clamps, tunnel boring machines and soil improvement equipment. The brand is produced with innovative and state of art technology. Today, OMS is among the companies leading this sector with the in demand products.

As OMS, we are always adopting an innovative approach when it comes to our products. Thus, our production line is always equipped with the latest technology. As a result, each product that carries the name of OMS is designed, developed and produced to reflect a certain sense of quality at every single stage of the machineries and equipment from their very beginning to the very end where they become completed products, including their quality control tests afterwards. Furthermore, an expert OMS team who produces solutions and recommends related equipment project specifically lies behind the great success of OMS as well as guaranteeing the happiness and satisfaction of our customers.