High Performance and Pile Driving / Extracting Power!..

With ergonomic design and high performance, various capacity OMS Excavator Mounted Vibratory Hammers provide long life, problem free pile driving application.

Specially designed OVR excavator mounted vibratory hammers are easily adapted to the excavator by connection bracket produced by OMS. They are hydraulically driven by the excavators and easily operated by excavator operator. OVR series excavator mounted vibro hammers requires not any modification on the excavators. OVR series vibro hammers can be easily used with all types of pile by using the OMS range of hydraulic clamps and provides time and cost saving.

Advantages of Excavator Mounted Vibro Hammers

  • Wide product range,
  • Fast, reliable and easy excavator connection,
  • Ergonomic design providing practical use,
  • Full safe movement around link yoke,
  • High-performance and driving/extracting power,
  • Minimum vibration transmission to the environment,
  • Double or single clamping the steel tube piles can be driven easily and powerfully,
  • Powerful, reliable and long-life.


Excavator Mounted Vibro Hammer


Variable Moment Vibratory Hammer


What makes OMS Side Grip Vibro Hammer Different and Better?


Passion and Dynamism in Every New Product!

Our greatest advantage is the 31 years experience we have obtained in vibratory equipment production. We start working for the production of a new machine with the inspiration we take from the needs required by the project, or requests and expectations of our customer.  Design drafts and drawings are created in our project laboratory. Products are outlined with the creative and detailed touch of engineers and technical artists on computer-aided tools. As the next stage, solid models of all parts are created. Technical drawings required for production are prepared according to ISO standards without skipping any details. Assembly of all parts is firstly performed in the computer environment. Their operation characteristics are observed with simulation programs and required strain analyses are conducted. The production starts after validating the design is ergonomic and reliable, meets engineering expectations and project requirements.


Quality Control From Supplied Materials to the Final Product!..

All materials are supplied for production process after performing quality control tests. All parts are produced under precise processing operations in cutting-edge technology CNC production line. Measurements are done according to the characteristics of each part shaped. Dimensional measurements, hardness and tension tests, penetran crack test, magnetic particle crack test, ultrasonic examination, temperature, pressure, tightness and paint thickness measurements can be shown as examples. Parts that pass the quality control phase are stored in stock units, ready for assembly.


Operation Tests in Test Platform and Field!..

All produced parts are assembled and operation tests are applied on the test platform. Therefore power, frequency, flow rate and vibration length of the machines are tested and prepared for other tests and measurements that will be performed on field.