Stone Column Equipment For Bottom Feed System

Bottom Feed Vibroflotation Method Illustration Drawing

In the method of bottom feed vibroflotation, there is a gravel reservoir and gravel tube on the OMS vibroflotation probe. After the probe is vibrated into the ground to the desired depth, with the help of compressed air, it is drawn up slightly and the gravel in the reservoir is fed into the generated gap and is compressed by the vibration. This process is repeated and the stone column is produced. In this method, the diameter of the stone column may vary depending on the resistance of the neighbouring ground. The compression of the ground is tracked by the monitor on the hydraulic power unit.

If you need further details please read about Ground Improvement Techniques!



Nghi Son II BOT Thermal power plant project is a thermal power plant with 2 turbines 600 MW capacity was in Tinh Gia commune – Thanh Hoa province – Vietnam!

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