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You will see frequently asked questions about vibro hammer and ground improvement equipment below: How to select a vibro hammer or ground improvement equipment, spare parts supplied by OMS, vibration problem for neighboring structures and more.

The main aim of pile driving is to increase the bearing capacity of buildings or grounds. These improvements make to onshore or offshore. Pile driving is important to form the feet of the new system (marina, harbor etc.)  to be built offshore and thus to reduce the destructive effect of water. Soil stabilization and reducing liquefaction risk are important and the pile driving methods provide good solutions to harsh conditions on the onshore.

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How To Select A Vibro Hammer?

In the OMS product range, certanly there is a vibro hammer that is suitable for your projects’ requirements.

Can I choose the suitable machine for my project together with you?

Yes, if you give pile lengths, soil structure, pile material, etc., OMS’s sales team offers you the best machine for your project.

How do you choose the vibro hammer, and what be careful to choose vibro hammer?

  • When choosing a vibro hammer firstly consider the soil type (hard or clay, etc.) and pile dimensions.
  • Again, when choosing a vibro hammer, it is very important to pay attention to the soil type. An effective result cannot be obtained if the correct soil type is not applied with the right vibro hammer. For example, the SVR 25 NF cannot be used in soil conditions as difficult as the SVR 200 NF and for driving large piles.
  • And secondly, it is vital to consider how the machine will work in an area and to make an appropriate choice in order to cause minimal disturb to the environment. For example, VM machines should be selected because they are resonance-free in city centers or areas where historical buildings are located.
  • If you already have an excavator and a job that the excavator cannot afford/is not a high volume job, it would be useful for you to choose one of the OVR series vibro hammers.

Are vibrations a problem for neighboring structures? I want to drive piles in the city center. Is it possible?

Variable moment machines are suitable for using city centers. Your neighbors never feel any problem to your pile driving process because VM machines are resonance-free.

Spare Parts and Components

Spare parts supplied by OMS are always the best quality parts on the market.

What kind of parts and components are used in the manufacturing of OMS equipment?

%70 inhouse production!


  • For parts manufactured at OMS factories:

OMS always chooses the raw material that will be most suitable for the power of the machine and the work it will do and uses alloy and special alloy steel to match each part of the machine.

The most important criterion for OMS is its safety value, and each material is selected with this in mind.

  • For the parts supplied by OMS:

Spare parts supplied by OMS are always the best quality parts on the market and are equivalent to the quality of OMS. The supplied parts are divided into 2: those that are standard, those that are taken in a packaged form, and those that are made to order with materials specified by the OMS standards. The products received are definitely undergoing a quality control process. The standard ones are checked by eye as models and designs after the product arrives. Those that are made to order with specified materials are checked and approved by measurements made by us at both that factory and OMS factories and then purchased. Any supply product that does not go through these processes is not used when manufacturing OMS machines.

What are the OMS’s safety components?

There are different types of safety components in the OMS machines. In addition to safety measures such as against elastomer rupture and against the explosion of hydraulic hose oil, safety elements are available on the cooling and hydraulic line to ensure continuity and regularity of hydraulic flow.

OMS Equipment

OMS is a vibro hammer and ground improvement machines brand.

In which areas does OMS operate?

OMS is a vibro hammer and ground improvement machines brand.

OMS is producing hydraulic vibratory hammer (excavator mounted and crane suspended), vibroflotation equipment (top feed and bottom feed), wick drain installation machine, hydraulic clamps and power packs (for crane suspended and other types of machines that need power).

OMS also provide spare part and technical service to its own machines.

What are the types of OMS vibro hammers?

OMS manufactures 2 main types of vibro hammers: crane suspended and excavator mounted.

The difference between these 2 types of pile drivers is what the project required. In other words, whichever machine the project requires to use, that machine is recommended by us.

Training and Certification

OMS gives training and certificates to the customers, and its own employees.

What technical training and certification programs does OMS provide to its employees or customers?

We not only give training on our own machine to every employee in the production line but also give training and certificates about our machine too to our customers.

At the same time, when a new machine or program is bought in the factory or office, the original course is given to every employee involved.