OMS Crane Suspended Vibro Hammer SVR 200 NF and its Power Pack PP 1536 is currently being worked in Portsaid in Egypt – the machine is used in difficult condition and approved its success in higher performance in reasonable time which is badly required for this kind of critical Project. In this project, it is needed to drive casing piles with diameter 2050 and total length 70 m divided by two.

The Pile Hammer is one of the most powerfull vibratory hammer which can drive heavy equipment successfully. Because it has high eccentric moment and centrifugal force. It is suitable for all different soil and working conditions. Crane Suspended Vibro Hammer SVR 200 NF is powered by OMS Power Packs.

Vibro Hammer SVR 200 NF Driving Tube Piles In Egypt

Advantages of SVR 200 NF

  • SVR 200 NF are recommended for projects requiring a high driving or extracting force
  • High frequency & force, more powerful and efficient
  • This vibro hammer has 203,2 kgm of eccentric moment and 4380 kN of centrifugal force
  • SVR 200 NF are powered by OMS Power Packs, all of which have remote control and touch screen control panels
  • With its force, it is especially suitable for large steel pipe piles

Advantages of Vibro Hammer SVR 200 NF 

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