OMS Side Grip Pile Driver

OMS Side Grip Pile Driver is specially designed as excavator mounted vibro hammers. Side grip is easily adapted to the excavator by connection bracket produced by OMS. They are hydraulically driven by the excavators and easily operated by the excavator operator. With an ergonomic design and high performance, various capacity OMS excavator mounted side grip pile drivers provide long life, problem free piling application.

OMS side grip pile driver saves time and money with high performance and piles driving/extracting power. So you can have a shorter job completion time and a higher production rate. Side Grip Vibratory Hammer, can handle, pitch and drive the sheet and tube piles. It is capable to accomplish the whole pile driving process without the need for manual handling of the piles or assisting machinery.

Advantages of Side Grip Pile Driver

  1. Suitable for wide range of piles like sheet piles, casing piles, H-beams, I-beams, steel piles and tubes,
  2. Suitable for various ground conditions and depths,
  3. Optimal geometry for delivering the driving energy to the pile,
  4. Effective tilting and rotating mechanism,
  5. Has durability and easy maintenance capability,
  6. Easy pile handling and pitching,
  7. Wide opening and synchronized movement,
  8. Can tilt +/- 15 degree,
  9. 360º rotation.

What makes OMS Side Grip Vibro Hammer Different and Better?

Side Grip Pile Driver Technical Drawing

Side Grip vibro hammer is fast, accurate, safe and suitable for driving sheet piles and cassion (pipe) into variety of soils.

Side Grip Sheet Pile Driver 3D drawing
Side Grip Sheet Pile Driver Left View
Side Grip Sheet Pile Driver Front View
Side Grip Sheet Pile Driver Top View
Side Grip Sheet Pile Driver Top View

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