Excavator Mounted Vibratory Pile Driver with Variable Moment

Specially designed OVR excavator mounted vibro hammers are easily adapted to the excavator by connection bracket produced by OMS. They are hydraulically driven by the excavators and easily operated by excavator operator. OVR series excavator mounted vibro hammers requires not any modification on the excavators. The variable moment (phase shifter) of OVR Variable Moment Vibratory Hammers adjusting the position of the eccentric masses according to start and stop of the vibration case (gear box) to not generate resonance. Thus, the vibration case vibrates at maximum frequence and this reduces the disturbance to surrounding soils. Advantages of OMS Vibratory Pile Drivers
  • With OMS hydraulic clamps, the ideal solution for every type of piles,
  • Innovative structure adapting to fast developing technology,
  • Time and cost saving,
  • 24/7 technical services and spare part support,
  • Powerful, reliable and long life.