Safe connection with piston-locking system…

OMS hydraulic clamps provide a safe connection between the vibratory piling machine and the pile by using a piston locking system.

Hydraulic clamps are manufactured from special alloy casting steel and have two gripping jaws fixed and moveable. Moveable jaw connected to hydraulic cylinder with bolts. This cylinder operated by pressured oil up to 350 bar. With the help of pilot operated check valve, keeps the clamp cylinder under pressure. Hydraulic cylinder is controlled by control pendant or control panel.

Advantages of OMS Hydraulic Clamps

  • Tube, sheet and wooden piles can be driven and extracted with the various clamp types.
  • Special clamps can be manufactured to suit the customer needs.
  • It is ideal for the driving or extraction of various diameter tubes.
  • It has a piston locking system allowing it to be safely fixed to the beam.
  • Easy-to-use ergonomic design.
  • Low clamp weight.