Tandem Vibro Compaction System | ‘’The Hearth of Europe’’ project in Dubai

Tandem Vibro Compaction System

The OMS provides the different types of configurations of Top Feed systems. Mostly the system is used with cranes and the Power Pack of vibroflotation probe locates behind the crane. The “tandem configuration” is consisting of two vibroflotation probes. Depending on customer requirements, Tandem vibroflotation Probes can be operated by a single but powerful Hydraulic Power Pack or two Power Packs. All necessary spread of Vibroflotation should be designed by OMS according to the customer’s crane and their projects.

In this project, islands in the shape of a world map are being built in Dubai since 2003. Our OVF 300/4 vibro compaction equipment was performed on the compaction of islands’ European part of the project. These artificial islands and their foundation were compacted by OMS top feed vibro compaction equipment (approximately 13-14 m) designed in tandem.