AUGER BORING MACHINE – Trenchless Technology

OMS Auger Boring Machine is designed to bore the inevitable need of many public works and construction applications, the coated holes of diameter between 12’’ and 120’’.

Fast and easy usage, efficient performance and outstanding power and engineering are the features of OMS Auger Boring Machines.

Boring method is the procedure to drive the pipes whose diameter varies between 250 mm – 1800 mm through auger horizontal drill. With this method, all kinds of highway, railway, passing can be managed. At the lines where Cover Steel Pipes should be used, OYS Series horizontal pipe jacking machines which we manufacture and sell and which work with the method of drilling and discharging are used.


ÖYS 42ÖYS 60ÖYS 72
Engine Power70 – 80 HP Diesel160 HP Diesel180 HP Diesel
Transmission3 ileri 1 geri6 ileri 1 geri6 ileri 1 geri
Thrust115 ton544 tons544 tons
Rail Lenght (Q)2 x 3.00 m2 x 3.00 m2 x 3.00 m
Drive12.70 mm/s8.33 mm/s6.50 mm/s
Height (H)1300 mm2050 mm2100 mm
Lenght (L)3500 mm4350 mm4350 mm
Width (W)1200 mm2150 mm2150 mm
Weight (kg)3450 kgs8500 kgs12500 kgs
Drilling Diameter10’’ – 42’’20’’ – 60’’24’’ – 72’’