Sheet Pile Driver

What is Excavator Mounted Sheet Pile Driver?

The excavator-mounted sheet pile driver is specifically designed as a sheet pile attachment for excavators. They have a high power-rating due to their high operating frequency and can get additional vertical power support from the excavator to assist driving when needed.

What are the features of excavator mounted sheet pile driver?

  • Excavator-mounted sheet metal pile drivers are suitable for soil conditions such as choise soil, granules (gravels and sands). It can reduce noise and potentially minimize dangerous vibrations by drastically reducing crash/removal time and saving costs and time.
  • Vibratory pile drivers with variable moment (VM) feature further reduces the noise level. These vibro hammer drivers do not apply extra power to the ground. Because the vibration wedges with high absorption capacity they are environmentally friendly machines. They provide the advantage of minimum sound transmission to the environment. Vibratory pile drivers with variable moment features provide zero resonance effect at start and stop.
  • It is an ideal machine for projects with medium size and risk of damaging infrastructure. You can safely use it especially for projects near historical buildings and city centers.

Design and Attachments

  • Even though the excavator-mounted sheet metal pile drivers are designed for sheet pile driving and extracting, you can also easily drive and pile pipe piles thanks to an additional sliding-type hydraulic clamps. In addition, thanks to the piston locking system, you can make a safe connection between the vibro driving machine and the materials to be driven.
  • Side grip pile drivers, which are a kind of excavator-mounted sheet pile drivers, allow your work to be completed faster without extra device for the transportation of tubes and sheet piles. In addition, side grip vibro hammers are the most ideal machines for projects where space is limited, such as under bridge.
  • One of the most important features of the excavator-mounted vibratory sheet pile drivers is that it can also work in water. You can choose this piler for all kinds of port projects. You can easily drive and extract the sheet piles and tubes in the water.
  • Due to the small and simple design, it is easy to maintain, use and carry.
  • By removing the bucket and other attachments on the arm of the excavator the vibro hammer can be installed quickly, safely and easily.

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What should you consider when choosing an excavator mounted sheet pile driver?

When choosing an excavator-mounted sheet pile driver, generally you should pay attention to:

  • Soil conditions (gravel, sand, clay, humidity rate etc.),
  • Distance of the construction area to urban areas,
  • Power of the excavator to be used,
  • Length of the piles to be driven and the target depth.

Apart from these general determinants, the most important criteria that you should consider is the sectoral experience of the company, technical support, and installation process.

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